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bondIT applies cutting-edge AI and other advanced technology to fixed income markets. We empower asset & wealth managers with a wide range of customisable tools to build, manage and monitor their portfolios.

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Discover our technology and how it can create a new competitive advantage for you.


Efficiently build, optimize and analyze fixed income portfolios with FRONTIER, bondIT’s innovative Portfolio Construction technology. What previously took days can now be done in minutes with greater accuracy based on data-driven analytics.

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bondIT’s SCORABLE turns data into performance with AI-driven predictive Credit Analytics. Our Explainable-AI (XAI) analyses more than 250 data variables and 350 Gigabytes every day, to determine issuer-specific credit risk, helping our clients identify investment opportunities ahead of the market. Unlike “black box” models, our XAI allows users to understand the rationale behind our model’s results to ensure transparency and understanding.


bondIT helps clients automate crucial parts of their Fixed Income investment processes -- so they can manage more accounts and strategies, improve outcomes and deliver bespoke solutions with the highest degrees of efficiency.


Future-proof your investments and maximise ESG scores across your portfolios at the click of a button. bondIT's data-agnostic technology lets you incorporate the widest range of ESG factors available.

The smartest investment decisions are made using bondIT solutions.

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“With bondIT’s AI we can turn data into a competitive advantage – and make well informed decisions much swifter than before.”

Dr Thomas Mann

CIO, Ampega Asset Management

“bondIT’s technology has transformed our ability to build and customize portfolios.”

Ed Strover

Partner & Portfolio Manager at Sarson Strover

“We opted for bondIT’s Scorable because of its innovative technology, its transparent non-biased AI approach and the easy implementation to get an additional opinion to the inhouse model.”

Heiderose Briem

Head of Business Management at MEAG

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