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BondIT and Scorable have combined their innovative technologies.
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Optimizing portfolios and workflow

BondIT is disruptive technology for institutional and wealth management clients. BondIT optimizes your fixed income portfolios and streamlines your teams’ workflows.


Optimizing portfolios and workflow

Cloud-based or on-premise and API-enabled, BondIT’s powerful optimization engines connect with your data and core systems to turbocharge your entire fixed income portfolio cycle. Generate. Analyze. Rebalance. Connect.


Optimizing portfolios and workflow

Work faster and smarter. Dramatically improve your team’s efficiency. Take your customer engagement to new levels with personalized, optimized ideas delivered fast.


Portfolio Managers

BondIT enables portfolio managers to leverage powerful optimization algorithms in real-time.

BondIT allows us to define the opportunity, the objectives and the constraints, then it creates a relevant portfolio in seconds. That allows us to manage our funds and help our clients in ways we couldn't envisage before.

—Ed Strover, Partner of Sarson Strover
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Advisor/Private Banker

BondIT enables advisors and private bankers to provide superior service to their fixed income customers.

Recognized that in today's world, data is the core asset of the business and technology capabilities should leverage this asset and be used to differentiate from competitors

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Create portfolio ideas leveraging alternative data, proprietary insights, mandates, and inventory.

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Full set of configurable analytics across all live and proposed allocations.

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Create rebalance ideas that respect all objectives and constraints.

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Alternate Solutions

BondIT generates multiple solutions for trade-off analysis.

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& Sync

Full connectivity with upstream and downstream systems.

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Real time portfolio monitoring with permission-based sharing across enterprise.

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Manage Universes

Curate strategic bond universes from which to optimize.

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BondIT API Toolkit

Leverage BondIT directly from your internal systems.

About Us

BondIT was founded to fulfill the growing industry demand for intuitive fixed income technology.

Our technology was purpose-built to address the technology needs of today’s fixed income portfolio manager, financial advisor, private banker, compliance officer, and CTO equally.

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November 19, 2020 | Press

BondIT and Scorable Merge to Boost Digital Transformation of Fixed-Income Investing

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April 15, 2020 | Press

BondIT offers optimization/automation freebie for portfolio managers working from home

March 24, 2020 | Press

Change Of Seasons—Bonds Are Back!


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Fixed Income Portfolio Management

BondIT is the fixed income portfolio management platform developed with cutting edge data science and software expertise. It delivers an intuitive and customisable solution for fixed income portfolio managers, optimizing strategies for achieving investment objectives, analysing portfolio opportunities and constraints in a unique way, and delivering multiple investment solutions to portfolio managers who want to not only attain investment goals, but exceed them. Fund managers are able to generate relevant investment insights for their clients in ways previously unthought of, supporting and exploring new fixed income assets, rebalancing options and financial markets.

Our hosted solution connects multiple sources of data and research to deliver optimized investment ideas which are aligned with any investment requirement. Generate portfolio ideas leveraging alternative data, proprietary insights, mandates and inventory. BondIT will rapidly construct investment portfolios which take into account all aspects of your investment objectives and mandates, enabling you to create investments strategies and proposals for fixed income markets. BondIT does your analysis for you, delivering proposals that are actionable and compliant from the moment of creation. Our solution offers fixed income managers the ability to connect to virtually any source of strategic data. This data is then used intelligently by the BondIT platform to deliver fixed income market proposals faster than ever before. We have developed a faster, more intuitive way to optimize fixed income workflows so you can manage portfolio risk and optimize portfolio management.
Once your portfolios have been constructed and optimized, BondIT delivers a full set of configurable fixed income analytics across all live and proposed bond allocations. While there are a standard set of analytics, your fixed income portfolio management solution also works closely with you to develop key metrics designed for your business, helping you to develop more efficient income instruments and workflows. With our help, you can ensure that you’re serving the needs of your clients by examining dozens of returns and risk metrics.

Our portfolio management software also helps to generate multiple solutions for trade-off analysis. Using our fixed income portfolio management platform enables funds managers to review multiple investment strategies delivered quickly and efficiently. Explore BondIT’s solutions for trade-off analysis to develop a fixed income high yield solution that takes risk management into account, offering useable solutions which take market conditions into account and help take the guess work out of optimizing fixed income investments. BondIT’s powerful ‘Solve Anyway’ features will generate workable solutions for asset managers to evaluate even when constraints are considered infeasible.

You fixed income investments are monitored and analysed for optimal solutions and then kept up to date with portfolio and universe data inputs to ensure that proposals can be transmitted to compliance, reporting and execution systems efficiently, reducing wasted time and resourcing. You remain in control of BondIT’s real time portfolio monitoring and management with permissioned-based sharing across all enterprise systems. Income portfolio management is achieved and optimized through efficient delivery of actionable scenarios generated directly from BondIT quickly. Managers can respond to interest rate risk and other fluctuations in the market instantly, evaluating multiple solutions delivered by BondIT.
Everything BondIT delivers is provided in an easy to understand and clear use interface. Drill down into any insight offered and review intelligent fixed income risk management solutions BondIT draws directly from your own real time data. Our platform empowers both portfolio managers and advisors to deliver better, more efficient outcomes for their clients by optimizing internal workflows and delivering a single point from which relevant and actionable proposals can be seamlessly generated, reviewed and implemented. We help you react faster and put in place bond market responses that generate fixed income security and smart rebalancing fixed income options.

View aggregate risk characteristics using BondIT’s clear and easy to navigate dashboard view. From the dashboard you can review and examine investment exposures across the entirety of your portfolios or only a subset of them. Drill into individual bonds and characteristics to identify the underlying source exposure and then use our smart algorithms to generate suggested fixed income trades. Compare BondIT’s analysis with your own ideas to develop the best strategy for reallocating exposures in fixed income bonds. A proposal can be generated in a matter of minutes using BondIT, rather than potentially hours of trawling through possibilities and analysing potential scenarios for increasing yield of corporate bonds and other bond funds. This frees up portfolio managers for doing what they do best – remaining on top of emerging corporate bonds market developments. It also means that advisors can spend more time with clients and prospects, delivering fast and effective proposals for review, including fixed income ETF and municipal bonds. BondIT takes the guess work out of the equation when you rate bonds by simplifying and optimizing strategic fixed income portfolio management.

Why is BondIT different to our competitors? Because we have tailored our solution specifically for fixed income portfolio management optimization and we have created a seamless, single platform every manager can use. Often investment solutions are driven by internal solutions which can be too general or too specific. These systems and workflows can be created or inherited by internal teams which struggle to accommodate market changes in real time or optimize their fixed income instruments for integration with other enterprise systems. Internal asset management tools are often offline systems which are dependent upon manual data inputs, slowing down workflows and the generation of optimized and workable investment responses, such as suggestions for which corporate bonds to buy. BondIT removes extraneous systems, streamlining your optimization workflow to generate compliant solutions for fixed income funds immediately which can be rapidly deployed.
BondIT can be accessed anywhere and anytime without any further software licencing obligations. You use BondIT your way and when you need it, relying on powerful insights driven by intuitive data management and efficient workflows. Our Intuitive User Experience is specifically designed to ensure that everyone who uses BondIT achieves the same functionality and powerful investment management, delivering income asset management strategies which return real results for investors, increasing total return. As a data agnostic system, it integrates with any enterprise system cleanly and efficiently, as well as any portfolio management workflow. This makes it an agile system capable of delivering results for every manager using any system.

The optimization algorithms within BondIT’s asset management software are enhanced by machine learning, working in tandem with managers to consistently deliver trade opportunities and portfolio repositioning solutions generated with amazing speed. The electronification of all fixed income securities and markets progresses will only continue to mount pressure onto the shoulders of portfolio managers. Planning and strategizing new, optimal ways of meeting the demands of an ever-changing market include digitizing solutions and using those technological solutions to generate faster, more accurate and more thorough market analyses. That’s what BondIT has been created for – portfolio optimization to support and fulfill client expectations, reduce resourcing time and added cost.
Discover why BondIT fixed income portfolio management is the smarter solution for portfolio managers and financial advisors seeking to increase productivity, reduce costs and time, and deliver consistent results for their clients.

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