Prescriptive analytics: See how BondIT and others are using machine learning to help businesses succeed

“It’s tough to build a modern successful business without good analytics, and prescriptive analytics is the linchpin that makes all the other models and analyses worth it… Machine learning models have enabled BondIT to custom tailor portfolios to each individual in minutes rather than days and have reduced risk by 30 percent while retaining similar earnings for clients.”

In|Vest 2019: Innovations in Investing, Saving & Advice

BondIT participated in the largest wealth management event of the year – In|Vest 2019: Innovations in Investing, Saving & Advice. In their presentation, Dr. Hillel Raz and Andrew Merrill spoke about the fixed income market, its challenges, and how BondIT is helping solve these issues.

BondIT provides market-leading solutions that help fixed income investors in the construction, optimization and management of their portfolios. BondIT’s mission is to bring efficiency to global markets through the application of artificial intelligence and data science, leading to faster, smarter portfolio construction, improved customer service and enhanced revenue. The BondIT platform is meant for RIA’s, portfolio managers, financial advisers and asset managers.

FIIG Securities Australia Selects BondIT for the Front Office

HERZLIYA, Israel, May 31, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — BondIT today announced that leading fixed income house, FIIG Securities, has signed an agreement to use its bond portfolio solution for relationship managers.  BondIT is a bond portfolio solution provider that empowers investment managers and advisors to create and optimise bespoke fixed income portfolios with sophisticated, yet easy-to-use tools powered by

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