Advisor/Private Banker

BondIT enables private bankers and advisors to provide superior service to their fixed income clients.

A tailor-made portfolio construction platform that analyzes portfolios, monitoring and rebalancing out of predefined universes, and generates dynamic fixed income portfolio proposals that elevate an advisors’ client engagement and scales his or her prospecting efforts.

Case Study

A large independent Fixed Income specialist needed to revamp its technology platform to adapt to the changing market landscape. With increased competition and ongoing margin compression front of mind, they recognised that with the progressive shift towards more automated trading and a growing client base, it needed to invest in tools to enable more efficient and responsive servicing of its customers.

We chose to partner with BondIT because they have been able to create a unique offering by integrating our data and our existing back-office and middle-office systems with the BondIT platform. This allows our relationship managers and portfolio managers to quickly generate trade ideas, optimize portfolios, and provide clients with detailed analytics and reporting.

-—Chief Information Officer of Independent Wealth Manager

Recognising that with the availability and access to global FinTech development capabilities, it made little sense to embark on a custom build journey themselves as there was already significant existing demand for their in-house IT function, and the BondIT platform could be procured as a SaaS solution and configured to meet their MVP needs within months. BondIT were very sensitive to their unique requirements and regulatory needs regarding data sovereignty, so we responded through extending the AWS services into a new geography and added a suite of enhancements into the product to accommodate their needs. Our client is excited to be partnering with the BondIT team to build a truly market leading and unique offering that will serve their clients and open the pathway to client and investor self-service for the OTC fixed income market.

Highlighted Features

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  • Alpha generation in real time, while adhering to client-driven objectives and constraints
  • Customized configuration, from the portfolio level to the bond level
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  • Full set of configurable analytics across all live and proposed allocations.
  • Ensure you are serving your clients’ needs by examining dozens of return and risk metrics
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  • Rebalance portfolios in real time, following updated client mandates or market moves
  • Manage portfolio turnover while optimizing based on all client driven objectives and constraints
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Alternate Solutions
  • BondIT offers a powerful 'Solve Anyway' feature to ensure that you have ideas to evaluate even when constraints are infeasible
  • Mutliple solutions generated for a single optimization workflow, to allow for trade-off analysis on multiple scenarios
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Data Connectivity & Sync
  • Leveraging of alternative, market, and proprietary data
  • Import portfolios in real time with simple copy and paste function
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  • Engage with clients at the portfolio and bond level in real time
  • Permission-based sharing amongst team members
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Manage Universes
  • Strategic bond universes drive workflow, allowing for optimization only on bonds allowable
  • Allows for workflow based on compliance approved, research recommended, ESG screened, many other customized universes
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BondIT API Toolkit
  • As an API-first platform, BondIT offers a full set of API’s to perform all portfolio management and optimization tasks
  • White label BondIT's powerful core engine and leverage it directly from your internal systems

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