Portfolio Manager

BondIT enables portfolio managers to leverage powerful optimization algorithms in real-time.

A scalable and efficient portfolio construction and analysis platform built to precisely mirror the portfolio manager workflow, enabling a PM to iterate, optimize, and compare portfolio alternatives.

Case Study

Sarson Strover is a hedge fund manager in London with decades of experience in fixed income. Looking for the next generation in portfolio management technology, Ed Strover turned to BondIT. Sarson Strover used BondIT to construct portfolios based on unique mandates that targeted a multitude of optimization dimensions.

Optimization dimensions can include maximize yield, spread per unit of default risk, minimize probability of default per given tenor, minimize standard deviation, and many others.

BondIT allows us to define the opportunity, the objectives and the constraints, then it creates a relevant portfolio in seconds. That allows us to manage our funds and help our clients in ways we couldn’t envisage before.”

-—Ed Strover, Partner of Sarson Strover

Each portfolio was built leveraging Sarson Strover’s IP, unique bond level constraints, and all in a configuration that was customizable to Ed’s desired specifications. The result was alpha generation in seconds, and rebalancing following the same architecture and responding to market movements in real time. Sarson Strover is thrilled to be using BondIT to enhance their portfolio management process, increase portfolio performance, and help the firm become a leader in the intensely competitive global hedge fund landscape.

Highlighted Features

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  • Alpha generation in real time, while adhering to client-driven objectives and constraints
  • Customized configuration, from the portfolio level to the bond level
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  • Full set of configurable analytics across all live and proposed allocations.
  • Ensure you are serving your clients’ needs by examining dozens of return and risk metrics
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  • Rebalance portfolios in real time, following updated client mandates or market moves
  • Manage portfolio turnover while optimizing based on all client driven objectives and constraints
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Alternate Solutions
  • BondIT offers a powerful 'Solve Anyway' feature to ensure that you have ideas to evaluate even when constraints are infeasible
  • Mutliple solutions generated for a single optimization workflow, to allow for trade-off analysis on multiple scenarios
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Data Connectivity & Sync
  • Leveraging of alternative, market, and proprietary data
  • Import portfolios in real time with simple copy and paste function
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  • Engage with clients at the portfolio and bond level in real time
  • Permission-based sharing amongst team members
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Manage Universes
  • Strategic bond universes drive workflow, allowing for optimization only on bonds allowable
  • Allows for workflow based on compliance approved, research recommended, ESG screened, many other customized universes
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BondIT API Toolkit
  • As an API-first platform, BondIT offers a full set of API’s to perform all portfolio management and optimization tasks
  • White label BondIT's powerful core engine and leverage it directly from your internal systems

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