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A Case Study with IBM

In a case study with IBM, Dr. Hillel Raz and Dr. Eyal Kenig of BondIT described how technology is deployed to creates bespoke smart fixed-income portfolios in minutes to deliver greater value to investors.

“Our solution enables users to construct portfolios that are much more personalized to customers’ specific requirements, empowering them to invest more successfully. At the same time, the solution significantly cuts the time taken to create portfolios. Customers no longer have to wait weeks for investment recommendations—they can sit down with advisors for an hour and run through several portfolio options then and there.” — Dr. Eyal Kenig

Fixed INcome TECHologies (FINTECH) Rejuvenating the Bond Market

During the Fintech session at The Asset 12th Asian Bond Market Summit, the panel of speakers discussed how technology is rejuvenating the market with applications ranging from bond syndication to execution. BondIT’s Duncan Klein spoke about how our portfolio optimisation and idea generation engine clutched the pre-trade workflow. Find out more in the full article

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