Fixed Income Options

We have developed an intelligent asset management software solution that helps not only to construct optimal fixed income investment portfolios but also increases efficiency and reduces the costs associated with managing fixed income options. Businesses can now create high yielding investment portfolios for fixed income securities and manage them effectively from a single platform developed with cutting-edge data science and software development methodologies. The BondIT software is fully customizable, capable of delivering specific solutions for both individual bonds as well as managing other factors such as interest rate risk, fluctuations in the bond market as well as the risk and returns for municipal bonds, government bonds and corporate bonds market, helping investment firms identify corporate bonds to buy within their clients’ preferred stock options. We offer a complete portfolio optimization solution. Manage investor goals and rate bonds quickly and easily, developing instant and compliant investment proposals from a single asset management solution.

BondIT is designed to complete in minutes what used to take fixed income portfolio management professionals hours of analysis to achieve. Using our fixed income analytics, portfolio managers can construct high yield bonds investment proposals which thoroughly assess all aspect of a clients’ investment objectives and mandates, including preferred fixed rate opportunities as well as idiosyncratic client behaviours. Each investment client can receive personalised portfolio management using fully customizable analytics in a fraction of the time it traditionally takes to carefully assess investment-grade bonds, capital gains, short term and long term risk as well as the risk of default to more efficiently manage fixed income ETFs and other fixed income fund options.

In the past, there has been no single formula for ideal asset allocation but the one thing all investment managers do agree on is the selection of fixed income assets and how that selection drives the determining factors for returns on an investor’s principal amount. No two investors are alike with different investment motivations and life goals driving how they want to manage things like their bond funds and the rest of their investment portfolios. BondIT simplifies managing client expectations and fixed income bonds with its capacity to thoroughly assess investment opportunities in real-time.

Generally speaking, stocks are usually held for at least five years while cash investments are designed to meet investment objectives within a year, or even sometimes less. Bond allocation falls in between these periods and there have been various ways that financial advisors and portfolio managers have managed these objectives for individuals using a combination of internal processes and analyses and general portfolio management strategies. Creating investment proposals which take into account bond maturing and interest payments as well as bond prices and the risk and return for bond mutual funds have taken hours of analysis. Once the portfolio manager has developed their proposal it then becomes the responsibility of the client manager to explain how this proposal has been created and what contributing factors relate to the likelihood of a high yield investment. For example, if a portfolio manager has been concentrating on producing a proposal which is likely to return a promising yield of corporate bonds, the individual analysis that has gone into that proposal could take days to explain to a client. BondIT changes all of that.

When your firm is using a fixed income trade management tool like BondIT, you can more confidently construct and present fixed income high yield options to clients, showing clear analysis of fixed income risk and return as well as other contributing market factors. This includes our game-changing advanced laddering designed to respond to the world’s planning-centric wealth management space. Regardless of whether you are generating standard or custom ladders of municipal, corporate and government bonds, BondIT aligns your clients’ needs with optimal portfolio construction automatically, taking into account bond ladders and income streams in whichever way works best for the client. This removes hours of work spent analysing opportunities and strategies, delivering a clear and compliant proposal in a matter of minutes which can be quickly and effectively disseminated to clients and client managers.

Our fully configurable fixed income investment tool has also been designed to allow our team to work closely with your business to develop key metrics and fixed income instruments that reduce the risk of inefficient workflows and wasted resources. We can help you to customize BondIT to work for your business and your clients most intuitively and cost-effectively. Generate multiple solutions for rebalancing and trade-off analysis as well as review multiple investment strategies for new and existing portfolios quickly and efficiently. We have developed a powerful ‘Solve Anyway’ feature that is designed to generate workable solutions even when constraints are considered infeasible. You always have an answer for investors when you are using BondIT.

All fixed income options are monitored and analysed for optimal solutions which are updated automatically with portfolio and universe data inputs. This means that proposals can be sent to compliance, reporting and execution systems efficiently, with permission-based sharing across all enterprise systems remaining in your total control. Portfolio managers can concentrate on timely responses to market fluctuations and new opportunities instantly, losing less time spent in costly analysis and approvals.

BondIT combines the power of intelligent asset management tools with friendly and intuitive user interfaces to better manage fixed income options for both investors and investment firms. To find out how our solution can help your business increase efficiency, reduce cost and save valuable resources, speak with a BondIT consultant today.

Fixed Income Options

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