Fixed Income Analytics

BondIT is the asset management software that delivers optimized portfolios for fixed income investments in a fraction of the time it traditionally takes to deliver compliant investment proposals using a range of detailed and comprehensive fixed income analytics. We have created a holistic solution for fixed income asset management that is completely data agnostic and capable of integrating with any enterprise system. Use BondIT’s standard fixed income analytics or work with us directly to craft bespoke solutions specifically designed to support your business and the investment objectives of your clients. With our help, you can ensure that you’re serving the needs of your clients by examining dozens of returns and credit risk metrics.

Our asset management tools have been designed to create fully optimized investment portfolios as well as generate multiple solutions for trade-off analysis. BondIT enables bond funds managers and client advisors to rapidly deliver and review multiple investment strategies in a fraction of the time it traditionally takes. Develop a fixed income high yield investment solution that takes risk management into account as well as offers insights into market conditions to remove the estimating from optimizing fixed income investments. BondIT’s powerful ‘Solve Anyway’ feature will generate workable solutions for asset managers to evaluate even when constraints are considered infeasible.

Your fixed income investments are monitored and analysed for optimal solutions and then kept up to date with portfolio and universe data inputs to ensure that proposals can be transmitted to compliance, reporting and execution systems efficiently, reducing wasted time and resourcing. You remain in control of BondIT’s real-time portfolio monitoring and management with permission-based sharing across all enterprise systems. Income portfolio management is achieved and optimized through efficient delivery of actionable scenarios generated directly from BondIT quickly. Managers can respond to interest rate risk, fixed income risk and other fluctuations in the market instantly, evaluating multiple solutions delivered by BondIT.

Everything BondIT delivers is provided in an easy to understand and intuitive user interface. Drill down into any insight offered and review intelligent fixed income risk management solutions, BondIT draws directly from your real-time data. Our platform empowers both portfolio managers and advisors to deliver better, more efficient outcomes for their clients by optimizing internal workflows and delivering a single point from which relevant and actionable proposals can be seamlessly generated, reviewed and implemented. We help you react faster and put in place bond market responses that generate fixed income security and smart rebalancing fixed income options.

View aggregate risk characteristics and rate bonds using BondIT’s clear and easy to navigate dashboard view. From the dashboard, you can review and examine investment exposures across the entirety of your portfolios or only a subset of them. Drill into individual bonds and characteristics to identify the underlying source exposure and then use our smart algorithms to generate suggested fixed income trades. Compare BondIT’s analysis with your ideas to develop the best strategy for reallocating exposures in fixed income bonds. A proposal can be generated in a matter of minutes using BondIT, rather than potentially hours of trawling through possibilities and analysing potential scenarios for increasing yield of corporate bonds and other fixed income securities. This frees up portfolio managers for doing what they do best – remaining on top of emerging bond market developments. It also means that advisors can spend more time with clients and prospects, delivering fast and effective proposals for review. BondIT takes the guesswork out of the equation when you rate bonds by simplifying and optimizing strategic fixed income portfolio management.

BondIT can be accessed anywhere and anytime without any further software licencing obligations. You use BondIT your way and when you need it, relying on powerful insights driven by intuitive data management and efficient workflows. Our Intuitive User Experience is specifically designed to ensure that everyone who uses BondIT achieves the same functionality and powerful investment management, delivering income asset management strategies which return real results for investors, increasing total return. As a data agnostic system, it integrates with any enterprise system cleanly and efficiently, as well as any portfolio management workflow. This makes it an agile system capable of delivering results for every manager using any system.

The optimization algorithms within BondIT’s asset management software are enhanced by machine learning, working in tandem with managers to consistently deliver trade opportunities and portfolio repositioning solutions generated with amazing speed across municipal bonds, government bonds and corporate bonds to buy in the corporate bonds market. The electronification of all fixed income securities will only continue to mount pressure onto the shoulders of portfolio managers. Planning and strategizing new, optimal ways of meeting the demands of an ever-changing market include digitizing solutions and using those technological solutions to generate faster, more accurate and more thorough market analyses. That’s what BondIT has been created for – portfolio optimization to support and fulfil client expectations, reduce resourcing time and added cost.

To discover how BondIT can increase your business’ efficiency and rapidly meet the investment goals of your clients, speak with one of our consultants today. We’ll walk you through exactly how BondIT can save you valuable time and resourcing delivering consistent results and helping you not only meet the needs of your investors but exceed them, including how you can tailor fixed income analytics to ensure that the data points you’re analysing are relevant. Contact us today.

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