Credit Research

The AI-powered solution to help you outperform the bond market.

Anticipate rating changes – Manage credit risk – Discover investment opportunities 

It’s time to turn data into a competitive advantage. With Scorable, asset and wealth managers can identify changes in corporate credit risk and investment opportunities early on and stay one step ahead of the market. Our innovative technology enables asset managers to efficiently monitor corporate bonds and credit spreads and to anticipate rating changes before they occur or markets price them in. 

Every day, Scorable’s artificial intelligence (AI) analyzes more than 400 data variables, such as business figures, market prices and credit ratings to determine issuer-specific credit risk. Unlike black box models, our explainable AI approach allows users to intuitively understand the rationale behind the analysis and to see what factors drive changes in the risk score. 

Anticipate Rate Changes

Anticipate Rating Changes 

Our credit risk solution predicts rating downgrades and upgrades for corporate debt issuers within a 12-month timeframe. Relative Value classes show whether a company’s bonds are cheap or expensive compared to other issuers in the same rating bucket.

Machine Learning

Get Transparent Insights

We leverage Machine Learning to turn vast amounts of data into actionable insights. Thanks to our proprietary ‘explainable AI’ approach users can see the impact of individual variables on our rating change predictions for any issuer at any given point of their history. 

Move Ahead of the Market 

With Scorable’s individually configurable alerts, portfolio managers always know immediately if there are important changes at their issuers and can adjust their portfolio if necessary before the market reacts. For extra convenience, users can download model data and alerts for processing within their own systems. 

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