Bond Allocation

Asset allocation is a core function of fixed income portfolio management responsibilities and we have developed an investment management platform which delivers optimal bond allocation strategies, among many other fixed income asset management insights, saving precious time and money. Our hosted solution uses multiple data points and research to construct compliant bond allocation solutions in a matter of minutes to portfolio managers who seek to not only achieve the goals of their investors but also to exceed those goals with higher yield returns for their clients.

What is bond allocation?

Bond allocation is an investment strategy which aims to balance investment risk with investment reward. The three main asset classes are equities, fixed income, and cash, and each of those asset classes come with varying levels of risk and return making them liable to all kinds of stock market fluctuations and behaviour over time. The role of the fixed income investment manager is to develop a balanced portfolio of stocks and bonds possibilities depending on the investment goals of the client. Taking responsibility for a bond portfolio to ensure investment risks are appropriately managed is what investment firms do and we have developed a high-quality platform that increases efficiency, saves valuable time and money and delivers compliant bond allocation strategies in a matter of minutes.

BondIT has responded to the lack of a single, winning formula that consistently returns a fixed income high yield of corporate bonds and other bonds for clients across their investment options by developing a real-time analysis tool that delivers the best investment strategies in a matter of minutes. Investment firms have traditionally developed all kinds of internal formulas and processes for developing the best rate of return for their clients for portfolios like retirement funds, government bonds and corporate bonds to buy. Analysis for markets like the corporate bonds market are usually completed offline and run using internal knowledge and hours of a portfolio manager’s time. Once a strategy is selected then the client manager has the job of explaining to the client why their portfolio manager has made their decision, convincing the client that of the decisions on offer for managing their brokerage account, the best strategy has been chosen.

What if you could present your client with a thorough analysis of their bond fund performance, taking into account fluctuations in the market index and the potential for long term benefits if short term risk is accepted, instantly? BondIT gives portfolio and client managers that ability. It uses cutting-edge data science to predict the best investment strategies, including bond allocation strategies, immediately. Investment firms gain instant insights into the performance of every portfolio they are managing as well as thorough analysis and suggestions for increasing the efficacy of the fixed income fund they are managing.

Managing client investments means balancing the market and the clients’ interests simultaneously and BondIT has been designed to help manage the maintenance of that balance quickly, cost-effectively and intelligently. An investor who saving for their retirement will seek different fixed income risks and returns on their bond allocation than individuals saving for new asset purchase or college education for their children. Risk tolerance is a key factor in managing fixed income bonds and some investors will seek more conservative bond allocation strategies than others. BondIT helps manage any type of portfolio from fully diversified broad-market portfolios to individual bonds through the building maintaining custom ladders of municipal bonds, government bonds and corporate bond allocation.

Using BondIT, pre-retirement liabilities can be managed effectively alongside building the necessary groundwork for post-retirement asset management. We have developed an income ladder tool designed to remain flexible depending on fluctuations in income streams as well as idiosyncratic client behaviour such as gifting, charitable donations or support and whatever other requirements they have. We have found a workable solution which effortlessly manages the specific needs of the client while still aligning optimal portfolio construction, helping investment managers to develop instant, compliant proposals for fixed income trades and rebalancing fixed income options.

When the clients’ fixed income ETF portfolios have been optimized, BondIT maintains a full set of configurable fixed income analytics across all live and proposed bond allocations. These include a standard set of analytics but also the option of working closely with the BondIT team to develop key esoteric metrics that work specifically for your business needs. These can include goals such as increasing the efficiency of fixed income instruments and internal and external workflows, all with the view of ensuring that your business can serve the needs of your client through a thorough investigation of dozens of returns and risk metrics. It enables investment firms to be confident in their analysis and accountable to their clients, clearly showing how investment opportunities have been identified and the strategy portfolio managers have in place for making the most of those opportunities. BondIT aims to minimize the guesswork businesses exercise when they rate bonds by simplifying and optimizing strategic fixed income investment management through a complete asset management tool. We offer businesses a tailored solution for managing client portfolios, assessing risks and returns on bond allocation opportunities and fixed income trades.

Streamline your portfolio optimization, your bond allocation process and investment proposals using BondIT, the intelligent asset management software designed for managing fixed income securities quickly, efficiently and optimally. Contact us today to discuss how BondIT portfolio optimization and management software can help your business reduce time and costs while consistently delivering the best asset management solutions for your clients.

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