Asset Management Tools

BondIT is the asset management tool saving your business time and money. We have created a fully tailored software solution developed specifically for fixed income portfolio management and portfolio optimization. We have created a seamless, single platform every manager and advisor can use, and which can be tailored to meet not only the needs of your investors but of your business as well. Asset management tools are often built outside of automated workflows, requiring specialist and time-consuming attention that has been created or inherited by internal analysis teams. These teams can struggle to react to and accommodate sudden market changes in real-time while struggling to utilize their internal asset management tools. These tools are also often reliant on manual data inputs which can significantly slow down workflows.

Our asset management software is designed to remove extraneous systems and to streamline fixed income trade analysis and bond allocation. With BondIT, you can input all of your clients’ needs and deliver rapid investment proposals which are already compliant, and which already prioritize your clients’ needs.

Using BondIT, you can quickly review and examine investment exposures across the entirety of your portfolios, or only a subset of them, from the easy to understand dashboard. From the dashboard, drill into individual bonds and characteristics to identify the underlying source exposure and then use our smart algorithms to generate suggested fixed income trades. Compare BondIT’s analysis with internally developed ideas and develop the best strategy for, as an example, reallocating exposures in fixed income bonds. A proposal can be generated in a matter of minutes using BondIT, rather than potentially hours of trawling through possibilities and analysing potential scenarios for increasing yield of corporate bonds and other fixed income securities.

BondIT ensures that advisors and portfolio managers can rate bonds quickly and focus on what they do best, freeing them up to remain on top of emerging bond market developments. This also means that client managers can spend more time with clients and prospects, explaining the fast and effective proposals BondIT has generated review. We help take the guesswork out of how your business rates bonds by simplifying and optimizing strategic fixed income options.

What are asset management tools?

An asset management suite is a tool or collection of tools designed to systematically govern and realize the value of things that a group or entity is responsible for, throughout their entire life cycles. This may refer to physical assets (such as premises and equipment) or intangible assets such as financial assets. For asset management tools to be effective, they must be cost-effective, intuitive and holistic. For our purposes, of course, we are referring to investment management and, in particular, the management of fixed income investments such as municipal bonds, corporate bonds to buy and government bonds. An asset management tool for this industry must be able to provide fixed income analytics than can be tailored to reflect whatever the advisor of portfolio manager needs.

BondIT is an asset management tool designed specifically for managing bond funds and fixed income assets. Using BondIT, managers can develop instantly compliant investment proposals already aligned with their client’s objectives. Our hosted solutions connect multiple sources of data and research to deliver investment strategies that are aligned with any investment requirements. It does your analysis for you, allowing fixed income managers to connect to virtually any source of strategic data and to much more quickly create optimized portfolios.

You can also utilize our advances laddering delivered in the same intuitive user interface. Whether building standard or custom ladders of bonds – or a fully diversified broad-market portfolio – BondIT aligns optimal portfolio construction with client-specific needs to answer the need for an asset management tool capable of responding to today’s planning-centric wealth management space. Use BondIT to custom immunize pre-retirement liabilities such as a down-payment on a home or vacation property, college tuition funds for children and grandchildren, and even the retirement nest egg itself. For clients focusing on post-retirement income, asset accumulation shifts to decumulation, and wealth management’s focus shifts to generating efficient income distribution throughout retirement. BondIT’s income ladder tool was designed with the flexibility to generate bond ladders and income streams in whatever frequency and the amount a client requires.

BondIT can be accessed anywhere and anytime without any further software licencing obligations. You use BondIT your way and when you need it, relying on powerful insights driven by intuitive data management and efficient workflows. Our Intuitive User Experience is specifically designed to ensure that everyone who uses BondIT achieves the same functionality and powerful investment management, delivering income asset management strategies which return real results for investors, increasing total return. As a data agnostic system, it integrates with any enterprise system cleanly and efficiently, as well as any portfolio management workflow. This makes it an agile asset management system capable of delivering results for every manager using any system.

To find out exactly how the BondIT asset management tool can help your business achieve clients’ investment objectives in a fraction of the time and for a fraction of the cost, please get in contact with a friendly consultant. We will take you through exactly how BondIT works, what it will achieve for your business and how you can tailor and customize your user interface and analytics to target specific business goals of your own. Contact us today.

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