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BondIT is asset management software designed for fixed income portfolio optimization. It reduces time and resourcing costs to deliver portfolio optimization in a matter of minutes rather than following hours of analysis. With BondIT, portfolio managers and financial advisors can generate investment proposals for clients using a range of in-depth fixed income analytics which either come as standard with BondIT or businesses can work closely with our team to develop bespoke asset management solutions which are client-specific and business-specific. Completely data agnostic, BondIT is capable of integrating with any enterprise system meaning that portfolio managers can generate completely compliant investment proposals instantly.

BondIT has been developed using the latest data science and software development methodologies to produce an asset management tool that is not only powerful but also delivered in an easy to understand and intuitive user interface. Drill down into any insight offered and review intelligent fixed income risk management solutions drawn directly from your data in real-time. Our platform empowers both portfolio managers and financial advisors to deliver better, more efficient investment outcomes for their clients by optimizing internal workflows and delivering a single point from which relevant and actionable proposals can be seamlessly generated, reviewed and implemented. BondIT ensures that your business can respond faster and put in place bond market responses and rebalancing measures that generate fixed income security and smart fixed income options.

What is the best asset management software?

When it comes to fixed income trade and bond allocation, there is a range of options available, but these systems are generally internally developed solutions which typically work offline. BondIT changes all of that. Using our asset management suite, you can develop optimized investment strategies which are tailored to your business needs and workflows as well as client-specific investment objectives and requirements. BondIT can be accessed anywhere and anytime without the need to purchase any further software licences. You use BondIT your way, relying on powerful insights driven by intuitive data management and efficient workflows. Our Intuitive User Experience is specifically designed to ensure that everyone who uses BondIT achieves the same functionality and powerful investment management, delivering income asset management strategies which return real results for investors, increasing total return. As a data agnostic system, it integrates with any enterprise system cleanly and efficiently, as well as any portfolio management workflow. This makes it an agile system capable of delivering results for every manager using any system.

Managing fixed income risk with BondIT has never been easier. Our asset management software allows portfolio managers and advisors to evaluate aggregate risk characteristics from a clear and easy to use dashboard view. Review and examine investment exposures across the entirety of your portfolios or choose to view only a subset of them. From there you can drill into individual bonds and characteristics to identify the underlying source exposure and then use our smart algorithms to generate suggested fixed income trades. BondIT’s powerful ‘Solve Anyway’ feature produces investment options even when constraints seem infeasible.

To ensure you completely trust BondIT’s ability to accurately and quickly review options, run a comparison between BondIT’s analysis and internally devised investment options to develop the best strategy for reallocating exposures in fixed income bonds. BondIT saves precious time and resourcing with quick responses, including generating a new proposal in a matter of, as opposed to potentially hours of analysing possibilities and agonizing over potential scenarios for increasing investment returns such as the yield of corporate bonds as well as other fixed income securities. This quick response means that portfolio managers can concentrate on doing what they do best – remaining in the step of emerging bond market developments. It also means that advisors can spend more time with clients and prospects, delivering faster and more effective proposals for review. BondIT takes the guesswork out of the equation when you rate bonds by simplifying and optimizing strategic fixed income portfolio investment.

BondIT is a hosted asset management software which means it connects multiple sources of data and research to deliver optimized investment ideas which are aligned with any investment requirement, including managing the corporate bonds markets, bond funds and fixed income ETFs. When you use BondIT, you can generate portfolio ideas for fixed income securities leveraging alternative data, proprietary insights, mandates and inventory. These rapidly constructed investment portfolios will already take into account all aspects of your investment objectives and mandates. Managers and advisors can create investments strategies and proposals for fixed income trade markets in a fraction of the time it has traditionally taken. Because the analysis is already done for you, BondIT’s proposals can be actionable and compliant as soon as they are generated. This solution offers fixed income bonds managers the ability to connect to virtually any source of strategic data which is then used intelligently by the BondIT platform to deliver fixed income high yield proposals faster than ever before.

Reaching client investment objectives is the reason that clients employ professional fixed income funds managers and portfolio optimization measures. BondIT ensures that portfolio managers can tailor investment opportunities directly to the needs of their clients, delivering sustainable sources for regular income generation as well as protect the assets which a client wants to hold on to. Using our recently developed game-changing advanced laddering, you can build either standard or custom ladders of municipal bonds, corporate bonds to buy and government bonds which align instantly with client-specific needs. All of this is delivered in an easy to use interface that is intuitive and responsive.

Build a fully diversified broad-market portfolio in minutes or focus fixed income assets on individual investment opportunities. BondIT’s income ladder tool was designed with the flexibility to generate bond ladders and income streams in whatever frequency and amount a client requires to align with idiosyncratic gifting, philanthropic, or other requirements. Liabilities like the retirement nest egg can now be custom-immunized in the advisor and client planning environment as well as other pre-retirement liabilities such as children and grandchildren’s college tuition funds and down payments for property, whether a first or new home or subsequent properties in a full real estate portfolio. Post-retirement, asset accumulation shifts to decumulation, and wealth management’s focus shifts to generating efficient income distribution throughout retirement. Aligning optimal portfolio construction with client-specific needs market a critical advancement in today’s wealth management space.

The optimization algorithms within BondIT’s asset management software are enhanced by machine learning, working in tandem with managers to consistently deliver trade opportunities and portfolio repositioning solutions generated with amazing speed. The electronification of all fixed income securities will only continue to mount pressure onto the shoulders of portfolio managers. Planning and strategizing new, optimal ways of meeting the demands of an ever-changing market include digitizing solutions and using those technological solutions to generate faster, more accurate and more thorough market analysis. That’s what BondIT has been created for – portfolio optimization to support and fulfil client expectations, reduce resourcing time and added cost.

BondIT is the smarter solution for portfolio managers and financial advisors. We have developed asset management software that increases productivity, reduces resourcing costs and time, and delivers consistent investment results for clients. To find out how BondIT can help your business achieve optimal efficiency, contact one of our consultants today.

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